Ancient Wisdom. Essential Oil Massage Oil, CLEAR SKIN MOL-16, tea tree, grapefruit, geranium
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CLEAR SKIN Massage Oil - 100ml

By Ancient Wisdom


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Clear Skin Massage Oil is made with Ancient Wisdom quality Tea Tree, Geranium and Grapefruit Essential Oils and Pure Grapeseed Oil, to give you beautiful nourished skin.

Geranium essential oil helps balance oily and dry skin, and also brings about balance of the mind, relieving stress and anxiety. Grapefruit essential oil is used to reduce stress, stimulate circulation, increase energy, enhance mood, and improve digestion. Tea Tree oil is claimed to have valuable antiseptic and anti-fungal properties due to constituents called terpenoids, and is used in many skin care products. The tea tree has been known for its medicinal properties since ancient times in eastern Australia. The Australian aborigines are known to have been using the crushed leaves to heal cuts, burns, sores, and infections for hundreds of years.

These Massage Oils are blended in Grape Seed Oil. You can even add a few drops to the bath.

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