Ancient Wisdom, Ceramic Oil Burner, Tan, Water, YYOB-02

Elements Oil Burner - Water

By Ancient Wisdom


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Elements Oil Burner - Tan

This beautiful ceramic Oil Burner makes a great gift idea for any special occasion. It's finished with a decorative glaze to give that high standard finish.

To use an oil burner fill the bowl at the top of the burner with water and place a few drops of essential oils on the water, then place a lighted tea light underneath the bowl. The water and essential oils evaporate as steam, letting the aroma of the essential oils fill the room. This Burner can also be used with wax melts.

General precautions to take:

Keep essential oils out of reach of children and pets. When diffusing, don't exceed 60-minutes in one session. Only diffuse in well-ventilated areas. When in doubt, dilute the oil.  Always wash your hands after using essential oils. Do not touch or move the tea light candle or oil burner while it is still hot. Do not leave unattended while candle is burning.

Dimensions; 8cm x 6cm

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