Natural Soap Bag - Rami (soft)

By Ancient Wisdom


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Natural Soap Bag - Rami 

Ancient Wisdom Earth Natural Soap Bags are completely biodegradable and  environmentally friendly.

These Rami Soap bags go perfectly with your favourite hand crafted soap. You just pop your soap slice inside, tighten with the toggle, wet and lather up. The Rami material is soft and can be used by both adults and children. Your soap can be store inside the bag which has a convenient cord to hang up to dry.  These bags are reusable - just add more soap.

Rami (Boehmeria niveau) is made of natural fibers and is an everlasting kind of the Nettle family. Rami is also called China grass, grass linen, grass cloth or China linen. As these names reveal, Ramie was cultivated first in Eastern Asia.

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