50 x 90cm Small Velvet Rug -  Ancient Wisdom Vrug-03
50 x 90cm Small Velvet Rug -  Ancient Wisdom Vrug-0350 x 90cm Small Velvet Rug -  Ancient Wisdom Vrug-03The Calm Necessities, Dorset, UK - Buy Ancient Wisdom - 50 x 90cm Small Velvet Rug - Multi

50 x 90cm Small Velvet Rug - Multi

By Ancient Wisdom

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50 x 90cm Small Velvet Rug - Multi

These Small Indian rugs are lovingly hand made from cotton and recycled materials from the Indian textile industry, so very eco friendly.... and great value. Perfect for meditation or just splashing colours around your home, these stunning rugs will boost the energies of any room. The material feels very soft and comfy, inviting you to relax and walk barefoot. 

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