Phoenix Fitness Massage Balls x 3

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Phoenix Fitness 3 Spiky Massage Ball Set / Muscle Relief / Trigger Point Therapy / Myofascial / Plantar Fasciitis / Yoga Reflexology / Stress Ball / Tight Muscle Recovery / Sensory Stimulation Autism

DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE - The Phoenix Fitness spiky porcupine massage ball can apply deep pressure to concentrate on particular areas of the body. The spikes can follow the fibres of muscle and tendons.

RELIEVES MUSCLE KNOTS - Gently relieves muscle knots and tension by rolling over the affected area in a repetitive motion. Also can treat back, feet, neck and shoulder pain and tension.

IMPROVES BLOOD CIRCULATION - Massage balls help circulation by applying pressure that can move blood through the congested areas. A massage can also flush lactic acid from the muscles and organs to lower blood pressure and improve body function.

RELAXING STRESS BALL - As well as using these balls as a massage tool they can also act as a great stress ball for the daily stresses and pressure. Placed on your desk or drawer within easy reach for those difficult situations.

SENSORY STIMULATION - Excellent for adults and children with autism / sensory processing disorder. Brightly coloured and physically stimulating to touch, squeeze and roll across the floor / surface with your hands or body.

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